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[GB JRIS65] Add-On Accessories

[GB JRIS65] Add-On Accessories

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JRIS65 Extra Accessories

GB Period : 27 September 2022 - 3 October 2022

Estimated Delivery : January 2023

Additional accessories available here for JRIS65!

Note : This product page does not include the full kit.

Country & Payment Method

Cambodia* - Paypal

Laos* - Paypal

Malaysia - ALL Payment Methods

Myanmar* - Paypal

Thailand - Online Banking (THB) / Credit Card*

* Payments will be converted to MYR except Online Banking (THB) for Thailand.

10% Import Duty will be charged on the total amount purchased during check out for Thailand, Cambodia, Laos & Myanmar.

Products will be shipped directly from Thailand for Cambodia, Laos & Myanmar orders.

PCB Specification

⚙ Bluetooth Hotswap : Includes [1] battery | Wired/Wireless hotswap PCB compatible with PCB stabilizers, Step Caps Lock.

⚙ Hotswap : Wired QMK/VIA hotswap PCB | Compatible with PCB stabilizers, split backspace, split left shift key, step Caps Lock.

⚙ Soldered : Wired QMK/VIA soldered PCB | Compatible with PCB stabs, split backspace, split left shift key, Step Caps Lock, 7U spacebar

Plate Specification

⚙ Aluminium : Compatible with Soldered PCB, Hotswap PCB & 5.2 Bluetooth hotswap PCB.

⚙ Black Core fr4 : Compatible with Soldered PCB, Hotswap PCB & 5.2 Bluetooth hotswap PCB.

⚙ Brass : Compatible with Soldered PCB, Hotswap PCB & 5.2 Bluetooth hotswap PCB.

⚙ fr4 : Compatible with Soldered PCB, Hotswap PCB & 5.2 Bluetooth hotswap PCB.

⚙ PC : Compatible with Soldered PCB, Hotswap PCB & 5.2 Bluetooth hotswap PCB.

⚙ POM : Compatible with Soldered PCB, Hotswap PCB and 5.2 Bluetooth hotswap PCB.

Other Accessory Specification

⚙ Poron Pack :

+ [2] Poron case foam

+ [1] IXPE PCB foam

+ [1] Poron plate foam

⚙ Gasket Jackets & Socks :
+ [10]
Gasket jackets

+ [20] Gasket socks

⚙ PVD Protector : TPU protector for PVD brass weight

Group Buy Policy

[1] There is NO quantity limit per customer. 100 units available only.

[2] 4.5% Processing Fee will be charged for refunds before Group Buy ends.

[3] NO refunds after Group Buy ends.

[4] This is a group buy/pre-order product, meaning the manufacturing only takes place after the GB period ends. By placing an order, you agreed with the delivery date and acknowledged that the delivery date may be subject to changes due to manufacturing or shipping delays.

[5] The photos only provide an idea of what the final product will look like. The physical
product may have some differences. Please refer to the prototype photos as areference before purchasing.

Quality & Warranty Policy

[1] Please check the appearance thoroughly before assembling. If any noticeable flaws/scratches on the external surfaces, please take a photo and contact us immediately. We will not be responsible for any flaws/scratches found after assembly.

[2] Due to the nature of PVD coating, there may be minor unavoidable dust points/microscratches on the mirror finish of the PVD weight.

[3] CNC imperfections inside the keyboard case or dents that are not visible when the keyboard is fully built. These are normal and within our quality

[4] On all other surfaces and edges, blemishes under 1mm are approved.

[5] Other than the case itself, all parts with cosmetic imperfections will not be replaced unless the function is damaged for usage.

[6] Warranty only applicable for the first owner who purchased on our website or at our
collaborative shops, with proof of purchase such as order number and confirmation.

[7] Our warranty covers the PCB for one (1) year of use or if dead on arrival without any modification.

[8] Broken parts due to any human error will void your warranty including :
- Mill-maxing PCB.
- Tape modding PCB.
- Hotswap sockets that are pushed out of the PCB solder pads.
- Not following the steps to flash the PCB and causing it not to function.
[9] Gifts missed/left out will not be replaced OR issued a partial refund


All products are sourced from manufacturers / authentic & verified sources.

Feel free to drop us a message if there is help needed!

Vendor List
US : KeebsForAll
Canada : Ashkeebs
EU : Candykeys
UK : Prototypist
South American : LatamKeys
Oceania : Daily Clack
South Korea :Geonworks
Japan : Basekeys
Singapore : Mecha.Store
Indonesia : KeebsMark
Philippines : Jaekeyed
Malaysia & Thailand : Klackz Krypt
Vietnam : MOKB STORE
Bangladesh : KeyB
Rest of the world : Mykeyclub

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